Description to the flood pictures

1: The local entrance sign of Grimma still stands out straight from the water.

2: An aerial photography. From an enormous brown water surface building roofs and trees stand out like islands.

3: The inner court of the Dresden Zwinger is to three quarters under water.

4: The boat traffic on Elbe river is stopped. People with umbrellas regards the flood.

5: A double deck train in the Dresden main railroad station. The lower window row disappeared in the water.

6: The free area of the Dresden main station is locked. The water stands about 1 m.

7: Once more the Zwinger. Similarly as fig. 3.

8: Theatre place in Dresden. A delivery van stands to the windowpanes in the water. Garbage containers swim on the water..

9: Street laterns and road signs more or less highly juts out from the water. A fount of dirty-brown water pours from a Gully.

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