famous saxons

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Who is a famous saxon? Who was born in Saxony? Then Poeppelmann isn't, but the Berlin painter Heinrich Zille.
Who is famous and lived in Saxony? I think, Terence Hill is an Italian, even if he spent his childhood in Lommatzsch near Dresden.
Who died in Saxony? Then Richard Wagner and even Augustus the strong do not rank among it.
Who had his greatest achievements in Saxony? Then also Sigmund Jaehn and Katharina Witt separate.
About which Saxony do we talk here? The principality, the kingdom or the Land of the Federal Republic?
And when someone is famous? If you can find his name in the encyclopedia?

The answer is completely simple: Famous saxons are all persons specified on this side. And some not specified.

Inventors, entrepreneurs

Georgius Agricola
Manfred von Ardenne
Melitta Bentz
Theodor Bickel
Johann Friedrich Boettger
Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus
August Horch
August Karolus
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Karl August Lingner
Heinrich Mauersberger
Ottmar Heinsius von Mayenburg
Wilhelm Ostwald
Anton Philipp Reclam
Adam Ries
Louis Ferdinand Schoenherr
Johann Andreas Schubert
Gottfried Silbermann
Friedrich Adolph Struve
Ehrenfried Walter von Tschirnhaus
Johann von Zimmermann
Adam Friedrich Zuerner

Artists, philosophers

Johann Sebastian Bach
Lucas Cranach sen.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Erich Kaestner
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Martin Luther
Karl May
Erich Ohser
Matthaeus Daniel Poeppelman
Ludwig Renn
Peter Schreier
Heinrich Schuetz
Clara Schumann
Robert Schumann
Gottfried Semper
Richard Wagner
Carl Maria von Weber

Sportsmen and cosmonauts

Michael Ballack
Sigmund Jaehn
Helmut Schoen
Taeve Schur
Jens Weissflog
Katharina Witt

Rulers and politicians

August Bebel
Augustus the strong
Walther Ulbricht
Herbert Wehner
The Wettin dynasty
Clara Zetkin


Carl Gustav Carus
Daniel Schreber
Karl Stuelpner
Johannes Tetzel

Theodor Fontane (a Prussian) wrote about the Saxons: "They are the superior ones, and their culture superiority is rooted in their education superiority, those not from the newest date, but is nearly four hundred years old."
Because we saxons are modest, I only mentioned it at the end.

If we were not modest, I would have said: We Saxons have already made a space flight, when the Bavarians still yodeled on the alpine pasture!
But as said, we are modest.

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