saxon holidays

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The Saxons as merry crowd love to celebrate. There are three categories of holidays:

holidays, paid by the boss

The official holidays are:

self-paid holidays

On the Day of Penance (17th November 2004) the Saxons comfortably can go shopping. Unfortunately not in Saxony, there the shops are closed.
But in the neighborhood, in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bavaria, people have to work and only we saunter through the shops.
But in return for that the obligatory nursing care insurance is more expensive for us. "Pflegeversicherung" costs are borne jointly by employee and employer. But not in Saxony. While the other Germans have to pay 0,85% of the gross income monthly, the saxon employees have to pay 1.35%.

For a Saxon with an average income of - for instance - 10,000 euro gross in the month the day off costs thus 600 euro. Oh God, there nothing remains for for shopping! <grin>

unpaid holidays

Saxon day

The Saxon day is the greatest people and homeland celebration in the Free State. Annually on the first September weekend another city or region of the country presents their associations and federations and shows native customs and traditions.
The first Saxon day was held from 4 to 6 July 1914 in Dresden, only 78 years later the Saxons met again for this holyday. Up to now the following cities were hosts:
  • Freiberg 4.-6.9.1992
  • Goerlitz 3.-5.9.1993
  • Annaberg-Buchholz 2.-4.9.1994
  • Rochlitz 1.-3.9.1995
  • Torgau 6.-8.9.1996
  • Plauen 5.-7.9.1997
  • Hoyerswerda 4.-6.9.1998
  • Riesa 3.-5.9.1999
  • Zwickau 1.-3.9.2000
  • Zittau 7.-9.9.2001
  • Doebeln (failed because of the flood)
  • Sebnitz 5.-7.9.2003
  • Doebeln 3.-5.9.2004
the Saxon day
In September 2005 the Saxon day will take place in Weisswasser.


On the question, at which day occurs the birthday, there is no generally accepted rule, since each Saxon has his own individual birthday.
And not each birthday is celebrated in the same way. The first is usually slept through and the only drink is milk. Later there are cola and other soft drinks and the person celebrating birthday argues with the guests about the toys. At the 18th birthday we drink already a glass of sparkling wine (too much) and disappear afterwards to the Disco. Approximately starting from that 30th birthday the party is more civilized. In case of ladies the age is not called any longer, it's better you only congratulate.

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