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In Saxony there are many sights.

Here is only a small selection, which is to whet your appetite for visit us.

PlauenSaxony begins in the Vogtland. Here is the city of laces - Plauen. An attendance in the lace museum lets some woman's heart strike faster.
It is not far to the famous bridge over the Goeltzsch river, the largest clay brick bridge of the world. In the kite cave Syrau surrounded by dripstones you will see a laser show.

TrabantOur next stop is West Saxony. In the birth town of the compositor Robert Schumann, in Zwickau there is a museum of Trabant cars.

Nischel Chemnitz offers more than only the "Nischel" (= the head. So the habitants of Chemnitz calls the Karl Marx memorial). Drive in and visit the "Saxon Manchester".
By the way, if you already are so close to, what about an excursion to Erzgebirge (= the ore mountains)?
There you can see, how the nutcrackers and christmas toys are manufactured. You also can visit a mine.

memorial Battle of the Nations Leipzig lures fair, opera, the German library, the monument of the Battle of the Nations, the Thomaner choir, the Gewandhaus orchestra ...

The Zwinger Palace Sistinine MadonnaIn the state capital Dresden there is a lot of museums. In the German Hygiene Museum you can admire the woman of glass, the traffic museum and the National art collections are also worth an attendance. And about the Semperoper and the Zwinger you have already heard, haven't you?

Saechsische Schweiz indians The Sächsische Schweiz is not only interesting for mountain climbers. You can simply sit down on board of an Elbdampfer, drink a cup of coffee and looks at the wonderful Felsen.
Indian friends would like visit the rock stage Rathen and see the spectacle "Winnetou". In case of bad wheather, you can visit the Karl-May-Museum in Radebeul.

sorbian easter eggs Bautzen In the Oberlausitz for centuries beside Germans also live Sorbs. The Sorbs are a slavonic tribe and "world champions" in painting Easter eggs. Their language is similar to Polish and Czech one. In Bautzen you will find bilingual road and street signs.

Bautzen is the cultural center of the Oberlausitz. The historical centre of Bautzen with the old "Wasserkunst" or the "inclined tower of Bautzen", with 1,44 m inclination is worth an attendance.
Who is interested in dinosaurs, should see the Saurierpark Kleinwelka.

Central European Time In Goerlitz the time is correct exactly. Why? Because here is the 15. Degree of longitude, to which the Central European time refers. In far Aachen lying in West Germany for example it is at 12:00 o'clock CET only 11:36 local time.

In Goerlitz Saxony ends. Here is the border to Poland.

the weather in Saxony beer What, it rains? Click on the cloud. Perhaps improvement is announced. If not, then possibly this tip helps:
The "coffee saxons" do not only love coffee, they also drink some beer. Here a small selection of breweries: In the west of Saxony they drink Sternquell or Wernesgrüner, in the middle Radeberger and in the east Landskron. Between them there is a lot of breweries. Go there and try! But not too much... Otherwise the sun already shines and you don't notice it at all. Oh, who still wants to stay here, can look whether there is still a free place in the youth hostel.

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