Where is Saxony?

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Saxony is the most eastern Land of the Federal Republic in Germany. Its surface amounts to 18407 km².
Everyone that approximately 4.6 million Saxons would have thereby (purely statistically) for instance a half football field for itself.
The largest city is Leipzig with approximately 494,000 inhabitants, closely followed by Dresden (480.000).

The Fichtelberg is with 1214 m the highest point of Saxony.

At the slopes of our longest river, the Elbe, even wine prospers. But to the self-sufficiency it is enough not completely. Fully in the sense of the Solidarpaktes we receive therefore also jobs at the vineyards from Mosel and Rhine.

Saxony borders in the west on Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt,
in the north on Brandenburg,
in the east on Poland,
in the south on the Czech republic and in the southwest on Bavaria.
The border is about 1190 km long.

The border points are
North: Wörblitz (near Torgau) 51° 41' 07"
South: Schönberg (Vogtland) 50° 10'19"
West: Langenbach (Vogtland) 11° 52' 22"
East: Deschka (near Görlitz) 15° 02' 37"

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