Sportsmen and cosmonauts

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Michael Ballack Michael Ballack, (* 29.6.1976 in Goerlitz)
Began with 7 years with Motor Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz) to play football. 1995 he got his first professional contract with Chemnitzer FC. With 21 years he changed to 1.FC Kaiserslautern, with which he got 98/99 the German Master. In April 1999 he made his first international match in Bremen against Scotland. 1999/2000 Ballack changed to Bayer Leverkusen. Really famous he became in summer 2002 in the world championship, where he shot the goal 1:0 against South Korea. Germany was finalist. After four years at Bavaria Munich the leader of the German team in the 2006 FIFA World Cup now plays for FC Chelsea London.

Sigmund Jaehn Sigmund Jaehn, (* 13.02.1937 in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz),
was the first German in a space flight.
At 26. August 1978 Sigmund Jaehn as well as the Russian commander Waleri Bykowski flew with the spaceship Soyuz 31 for orbital station Salut 6 of the Soviet Union. Nine days the cosmonauts circled the earth, sieve of it were filled out with scientific experiments. On 3. September the crew returned.
At the Potsdam central institut for physics of the earth he attained a doctorate in the area of the remote sensing of the earth. Since 1990 he is active in the Russian cosmonaut training centre as free advisors for the astronaut center of the DLR and since 1993 also for the ESA (European Space Agency).
Sigmund Jaehn published numerous publications to questions of the remote sensing and the development of manned space travel. 1983 appeared his book "experience space". In 2001 the planetoid 1998BF14 was named after him.

Helmut Schoen Helmut Schoen, (* 15.09.1915 in Dresden, 23.02.1996 in Wiesbaden)
Football player, coach of the national team
Helmut Schoen played already with 17 years in the man crew of the Dresdner sports club, with which he became twice German master. In his first international match on 21.11.1937 in Hamburg against Sweden he contributed with two hits to the 5:0-success. After the war several years cared for the Saxon selection. Immediately after that the scandalous 1:5 the "SG Friedrichstadt" against "Horch Zwickau" (16.04.1950) nearly the entire Friedrichstadt crew set off into the west because of disappointment over the unfair arbitrator decision, sanctioned from above. Schoen went to Berlin to Hertha BSC, then he was a coach at the sports association Wiesbaden and the Saarland football federation. In his time as coach of the national team (1964 to 1978) the FRG became vice-world champion (1966), third in world championship (1970), European champion (1972) and world champion (1974).

Taeve Schur Gustav-Adolf Schur, (* 23.02.1931 in Heyrothsberge near Magdeburg),
Wheel sportsman,
Road world champion of the amateurs 1958 in the Reims (French) and 1959 in Zandvoort (Netherlands). Vice-world champion 1960 on the Sachsenring. Double winner of the international peace travel 1955 and 1959. Bronze medal at the olympic games 1956 in Melbourne, silver medal at the olympic games 1960 in Rome and eight times stage winner of the peace travel. Sportsman of the yearl in the GDR and "Most popular sportsman of the GDR in 40 years". From 1998 to 2002 Member of the Bundestag for the Party of Democratic Socialism.

Jens Weissflog Jens Weissflog, (* 21.7.1964 in Erlabrunn)
As first ski Springer of the world Weissflog was four times winner of the Four Jumps Tournament (1984, 1985, 1991, 1996).
1984 Sarajevo: Olympia winner normaldigs and silver medal largedigs 1994 Lillehammer: Olympia winner largedigs and olympia winner crew World championships: World champion - 1985, 1989 Silver medal - 1984, 1985, 1989, 1995 Bronze medal - 1989, 1990, 1991-2x, 1995

Katharina Witt Katharina Witt, (* 03.12.1965 in Staaken),
Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist: 1984 in Sarajevo, 1988 in Calgary
4-times figure skating world champion: 1984 in Ottawa, 1985 in Tokyo, 1987 in Cincinatti, 1988 in Budapest
6-times figure skating champion of Europe: 1983 in Dortmund, 1984 in Budapest, 1985 in Goeteborg, 1986 in Copenhagen, 1987 in Sarajewo, 1988 in Prague
1999 she was named in the USA the "most popular sportswoman" and in Germany the "figure skater of the century".

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